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Application of Steel in Construction, Architecture & Mining

Construction, Architecture & Mining

Building a better world
Global growth is boosting the demand for architectural materials as well as heavy equipment for construction and mining. Our forged products, stainless steels and other specialty materials and components provide high-performance, cost-effective solutions.

Construction, Architecture & Miningt

Building green with stainless steel
The need for greater energy efficiency in today’s LEED certified buildings is fueling the use of sustainable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel from floor to ceiling. In commercial and residential buildings, we offer higher-strength specialty material solutions that can reduce overall project lifecycle costs.

Forged Strength
In mining and construction, reliability is critical. Heavy-duty forged components in the drivetrains of trucks, bulldozers and specialized equipment provide the durability these machines need to keep operating under the most demanding conditions.

Architectural Applications
  • Stainless steel for paneling
  • Stainless steel and alloy for structural components
Construction Applications
  • Large heavy-duty forgings for drivetrains and other components
  • Advanced alloys for engine components and turbochargers