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Duplex Plate Weight Calculator



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Now calculate weight of duplex plate, you should know its dimensions such as length, width, and thickness of plate and its material density.
Formula is :

Weight = Volume × Density

Step 1:
Calculate the volume of the plate.
Volume = Length × Width × Thickness

Step 2:
Determine the density of the plate. The density is usually expressed in units like kg/m³ or g/cm³.

Step 3:
Multiply the volume by the density to get the weight of the metal plate.

Suppose you have a duplex plate with the following dimensions:
Length = 1 meter
Width = 0.5 meters
Thickness = 0.02 meters (or 20 mm)

And the density of the plate is 7850 kg/m³ (which is the density of mild steel).

Step 1:
Calculate the volume:
Volume = Length × Width × Thickness
Volume = 1m × 0.5m × 0.02m
Volume = 0.01 m³

Step 2:
Find the density (given above):
Density = 7850 kg/m³

Step 3:
Calculate the weight:
Weight = Volume × Density
Weight = 0.01 m³ × 7850 kg/m³
Weight = 78.5 kilograms

So, the weight of the plate is 78.5 kilograms.

Now keep in the mind that if density is given in different unit like g/cm³ then you need to convert it to the same unit as the volume to get accurate results. Also, if your duplex plate has irregular shapes or cutouts, the calculation may be more complicated, and you might need to break it down into smaller regular shapes and sum up their weights.