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Duplex Steel UNS s32760 grade has extreme ductility and malleability. We at Calico Metals make sure that every product is made from high-quality raw material, which provides excellent durability to the grade. We provide these grades in various types of equipment such as nuts, fasteners, flanges, sheets, plates, etc. All of these duplex steel products are thoroughly tested and approved by our professional team. 

Chemical composition:

The chemical composition of this grade includes a high amount of chromium and nickel. The grade consists of 25% chromium and 7% nickel content. HIgh chromium and nickel provide extreme elasticity and strength to the grade, and it increases the ability to withstand high heat and cold temperatures. 

Similarly, the duplex steel UNS s32760 includes copper, tungsten, molybdenum, and nitrogen. All of these components are added to provide stability and efficiency to the grade, and stability is one of the most critical factors for the grade.

Duplex steel UNS S32760 grade is enriched with high heat bearing capacity; hence it is commonly considered the most suitable grade for industrial as well as commercial uses. Duplex UNS s32760 grade is made from an extraordinary mixture of two microstructural components, ferrite, and austenitic steel. 

Duplex steel UNS S32760 provides extreme protection from various chemical procedures. The grade provides excellent resistance from corrosion, crevice corrosion, and stress cracking. It also offers excellent protection from rusting, reduction, and erosion. 

UNS s32760 have high tensile and yield strength, which makes the grade ideal for application in various industries 

Super Duplex Steel UNS S32760 Equivalent

Duplex 2205 UNS S32760 1.4462 F51

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