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Alloy A286 - UNS S66286 Bar

Available forms of Alloy A286 are seamless pipe, welded pipe, seamless tube, welded tube, bar, wire, sheet, plate, forgings, pipe fittings and flanges.

Alloy A286® has high strength and good corrosion resistance; therefore, it is used for applications at temperature up to 1300° F. Alloy A286® can be hardened and strengthened by heat treatment. Alloy A286® has been used in jet engines, superchargers, turbine wheels, blades, casings, afterburner parts, and fasteners.

Alloy A286 bar can be solution treated at the temperatures detailed below, rapid cooled and then age hardened at 1325ºF (720ºC) for 16 hours and air cooling. The 1800ºF (980ºC) solution treatment produces the highest creep-rupture strength in age-hardened material whereas the 1650ºF (900ºC) treatment results in improved ductility and room temperature strength.


  • Excellent resistance to pitting and crevice corrosion in chloride solutions
  • Practical immunity to stress corrosion cracking in NaCl environments
  • High strength and toughness
  • Abrasion & corrosion resistant
  • Resists seizing & galling
  • Good strength
  • Meets UNS R30006 specifications


  • Aerospace Components
  • Injection mouldings
  • Oil and Gas Nuclear Industries
  • Nuclear reactor components
  • Turbine blades


  • UNS : S66286
  • Specifications : AMS 5731, AMS 5732, AMS 5737

Also see 15-5 material

Chemical Composition

Chemical Composition Limits
A2860.08 max2 max0.025 max0.025 max1 max13.5-1624-271-1.51.9-2.350.10-0.500.35 max0.0003-0.0101 max0.50 max

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